Leverage the Power of Your Program with a Game Winning Strategy


The right communication strategy to engage funders and stakeholders, coupled with the power of in-person events, can have a significant impact on your programs and your community. In this webinar, Damon Johnson, Kris Murray, and Sasha Trosch will walk you through the game winning strategy to:
    • Match up your program to potential funders
    • Communicate about your program using real stories & metrics
    • Re-explore the magic of a site visit and key elements for its success
    • Utilize our playbook to create your own engaging experience

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Meet your speakers:


Damon JohnsonDamon Johnson  

Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances, BellXcel

From first joining BellXcel’s team in 2008 as an enrichment teacher to growing regional operations by 300% as executive director of the Mid-Atlantic region, Damon has served in various roles at the local, regional, and national level. As an ambassador for BellXcel, Damon works with community and state education agencies, representing BellXcel at conferences and field building collaboratives across the country to build and support partnerships. In his most recent role, Damon managed BellXcel’s direct service operations to ensure effective growth and program delivery, and was promoted in 2022 to senior vice president of strategic alliances.

In 2013, BellXcel celebrated Damon for his exemplary program leadership with the Peterkin Educational Excellence Award, given annually to the best of BellXcel’s managers who display a remarkable commitment to program excellence.


Sasha Trosch-roundSasha Trosch 

Associate Vice President, Philanthropic Partnerships, BellXcel

As associate vice president for philanthropic partnerships,  Sasha Trosch leads the team that fosters relationships with corporations and foundations in support of BellXcel's strategic initiatives. She joined BellXcel in 2015 as director of development for the Carolinas and was promoted to her current role in 2018. Previously, Sasha held senior roles in communications and community affairs at several higher-education institutions in North and South Carolina. She earned an MBA from Queens University of Charlotte and a BA from Wittenberg University. Outside of work, Sasha is an artist specializing in marbling and decorative paper. She and her husband Carl have two young-adult children and live in Pleasant Garden, North Carolina.

Kris Murray-roundKris Murray 

Associate Vice President, Partner Solutions, BellXcel

As part of her 30+ year career dedicated to children and education, Kris Murray has been working with partners who are implementing evidence-based summer and school-year out-of-school-time (OST) programs since 2015. She has supported organizations ranging from small local youth development agencies to expansive regional coalitions and is a trusted advisor and consultant. 

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