Plan for Summer Success


It's time to sign up those kiddos! Join our panel discussion with some of your distinguished afterschool and summer program leader peers as they share their process for recruiting and enrolling summer participants. Plus, we'll highlight BellXcel's brandable enrollment capabilities that simplifies administration and gives you a solid foundation for trackable metrics! 

In this session we'll share:

  • Tips and tricks on marketing your program
  • Application form fields you need to best support your program and maximize your metrics
  • How to easily create forms and applications that reflect your branding

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Meet Your Speakers:

Brett DeLoach Vaughn

Brett DeLoach Vaughn, Ed.S NBCT
Director of Elementary Education and Title 1, Spartanburg 7 School District


Candi Callas-round

Candi Callas, Ed.D
Coordinator for After-School and Summer Programs, Office of Title 1, Corpus Christi ISD

Dr. Callas serves as the Coordinator for After-School and Summer Programs at Corpus Christi ISD, who serves approximately 37,000 students at 52 campuses.  We were awarded TCLAS Decision 11 and are currently operating a high-quality after-school program at 20 elementary campuses. Dr. Callas has been a district administrator for 8 years and is proud to serve the students of Corpus Christi in this extended learning leadership role. 

Paige Smith

Paige Smith, Ed.D 
Education Consultant, Sperling Center for Research & Innovation

Dr. Smith is an Education Consultant with the Sperling Center for Research and Innovation (SCRI) with 12 years of experience serving in youth development organizations. Paige specializes in program recruitment and nonprofit operations. As a consultant, she works with school districts and nonprofit organizations to design, implement, and assess high-quality youth programs. 


Joy Dixon

Joy Dixon, MPh  
Director, Partner Success at BellXcel

Joy Dixon is a nonprofit professional who has spent over a decade developing and training young leaders. As director of partner success, Joy guides partners through implementation and program execution within the BellXcel platform.

Denise Cage

Denise Cage, MA
Assistant Director, Partner Success

Denise has spent over a decade working in the nonprofit sector to advance the education of youth and young adults. At BellXcel, she works with partners to aid in their program implementation and execution utilizing BellXcel's platform.

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