The Boys & Girls Clubs of Providence (BGCP) Rhode Island recognized a need to address summer learning loss in their local community. In 2019, BGCP was eager to deepen its partnership with the school district and to help kids improve their academic skills to support the community and the District’s Turnaround Action Plan. BGCP learned of BellXcel’s evidence-based partnership model, which offered the flexibility, tools, coaching, and professional learning to meet BGCP’s needs.

The partnership combined BGCP’s 150 years of serving the Providence community with BellXcel’s expertise in academic out-of-school-time impact. This combination empowered BGCP to implement a high-quality summer learning program to address learning loss. Using data from 2019 and 2020 surveys, assessments, quality observations, and interviews, BellXcel’s research affiliate, the Sperling Center for Research & Innovation (SCRI), analyzed the summer learning program’s impact on youth staff, families, and the community.

SCRI found that BGCP's program model was indeed successful, highlighting :

  • BGCP served and engaged their community and over 230 youth in summer learning with 54 program days, 160 hours of academic instruction, and over 30 unique enrichment experiences.
  • The programs established high-quality, enriching, and engaging experiences which promoted SEL and academic growth.
  • Professional development prepared staff with high-quality instructional practices.
  • Quality observations found that the program exceeded quality goals.
  • The program was enjoyable, exciting, and supportive of family, staff, and youth engagement and growth.
  • Staff also established an emotionally safe environment and trusting relationships with youth and families.
  • The environment, combined with a flexible summer curriculum, boosted SEL and enabled the program to successfully reverse learning.
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A favorite moment was when a scholar who is generally shy and anxious began to volunteer and participate more actively in whole group discussions without needing prompting.
– BGCP Staff Member 

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