BellXcel Announces Arly, Proprietary Youth Program Management Software
Enterprise management and content features, including ecommerce

Westwood, Mass. – Feb. 22, 2023 – BellXcel, a national leader dedicated to empowering providers of youth programs through innovative solutions, today announced Arly, the new name coinciding with this spring’s release of its proprietary youth program management software. Arly is purpose-built from 30 years of practitioner experience and evidence of all the ingredients essential for high-quality out of school youth programs.

During the past two years, thousands of users from a diverse array of community-based organizations, camps and schools across the country implemented earlier versions of Arly. The software has earned industry recognitions, including the 2022 EdTech Breakthrough Award and finalist for the 2022 EdTech Digest Awards for Best Emerging Technology Solution.

“There are many time-saving benefits to using BellXcel’s Arly solution,” YMCA of Central Virginia Executive Director of Youth Development, Rebecca White said. “The learning resources are key to running a program smoothly - it provides support for staff as they can find everything they need to support them in their roles throughout the program. The platform allows for all your staff to be on the same page and in our case, this is super important as we have a large staff. The ease of access allows staff to access materials on their own time. Arly’s professional development resources are valuable in training staff in advance to in-person training.”

Youth program providers leverage a multitude of tools and software to run their programs. Lauren Sanchez Gilbert, Ed.D., CEO of BellXcel led the innovation of Arly in response to the siloed approach the organization experienced first-hand when it was a direct provider of youth programs. This spring, Arly’s functionality will expand even further to include ecommerce to help programs strengthen their financial outlook with streamlined payment collection and account processing.

“From clipboards to spreadsheets and multiple software solutions, data and coordination has been very fragmented,” Dr. Sanchez Gilbert said. “Many industries have been transformed through technology, all with common drivers to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve outcomes. And in this space, where the ultimate beneficiary is our children, the need to drive improvements could not be greater.”

“Extracurricular activities are ironically named, as they are anything but “extra,” Dr. Sanchez Gilbert continued. “Out of school experiences are essential to the success of our youth. Throughout its history, BellXcel has impacted hundreds of thousands of children and supported countless program staff and administrators. It is in our DNA to care deeply about the outcomes created by these activities, and it is among the chief reasons that robust service and support is also embedded within our product offering.”

Built from BellXcel’s decades of practitioner experience and extensive research, and evidence by independent third-party organizations including RAND, Arly is unlike any solution on the market today.

Ensuring a consistent flow of data was core to the innovation of the Arly solution. Program providers can utilize the family portal to facilitate online registration, payment and enrollment, placing the families or guardians in the driver’s seat for data input of their child’s information. That data then flows to power the attendance and rostering functionality for participant management. Additionally, communication apps facilitate strong family engagement with direct messages, photo sharing and announcements, and real-time translation that breaks down language barriers.

Arly’s evidence-based approach to program planning and analytics dashboard helps programs stay on track with data-driven decisions to enhance and grow their activities. Robust content rounds out the Arly solution with powerful professional development, tools, resources and optional curriculum.

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BellXcel, with nearly 30 years of experience, is a national leader in developing purpose-built programming solutions that revolutionize the youth sector. BellXcel has helped thousands of program staff and administrators reach nearly a half million children. Its first to market SaaS solution takes aim at increasing affordable access to high-quality out of school programming. For more information about Arly, visit

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